Hollow: Making a scene

Despite saying he would come back and see me, I didn't see anything of Tobias until I was standing on the platform in Hogsmead, fully dressed in my robes and directing first years towards Hagrid.  I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around, expecting to see Aria, who had disappeared as the train was pulling in because she hadn't changed yet.  But instead I saw Tobias' handsome face.

'Where did you disappear to earlier?  I thought you said you were coming back.'  My tone was sounding slightly accusatory but I was feeling used.  I knew Tobias well enough to know he can wrap girls around his little finger if he wants, making them jump every time he calls.

'I'm really sorry about that.  I got distracted and when I was going to head back the trolley was going through and I couldn't get past-'  I stopped listening.  I'd heard these excuses before from all sorts of guys.  'Are you cross with me?'

'No,' I lied.  'Just disappointed.  I wanted to spend some time with you and you disappeared on me.  I thought you liked me.'

'I do,' he insisted turning me to face him and wrapping his arms around my waist.  I was very conscious of all the people watching us, particularly Aria and Ian, who were standing, jaws hitting the ground and staring straight at us.  'And I mean that.'

'I'm sure you say that to all the girls,' I replied lightly, my head beginning to feel slightly dizzy because of his closeness to me and the warmth of his skin against mine.

'I might do, but I've never really meant it until now.  I want you to be my girlfriend Hollow.  Only you.'  I felt my cheeks flush, partly with excitement, partly due to the embarrassment I felt when the crowd of fifth- and sixth-years around us erupted into wolf-whistles as Tobias' lips came down firmly on mine.  The kiss lasted for an eternity as I pulled myself closer against Tobias' body.  We could have stayed there forever, but Hagrid, his voice booming across the crowd drew our attention away from each other.

'I think that's enough now Mr. Briggs, let the Miss. Gorski go.'  Still blushing I took a step backwards, letting my hair drop over my face.  'Now first-years follow me.  The rest of you know where you're going.'

Tobias took my hand and smiled cheekily at me.  'Want to go together?'  I nodded and we began walking.  I looked behind me and saw the shocked faces of my two best friends.  I smiled secretly to myself and carried on walking, leaning slightly on Tobias' shoulder.

The End

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