Sebastian: New faces

The first years exclaimed shreiks of horror as the train pulled to a stop and a black figure moved through the thick creamy steam. The giant of a man woddled through the steam his keys clanking as he went. Ahh Hagrid. He always scars the first years

Everyone frantically tried to get off the train. Not me though, I always wait until everyones gone to get off. Pleased I was at last alone, I opened my cabin door and stormed out crashing into a fellow student as I went.

"Oh...Um...I'm s-so sorry!" I muttered desperately trying to think of cool to say. I helped the girl to her feet and recognised the face. Brown eyes and hair...what was her name?

She muttered something as well and turned bright red, a clear sign she was a nervous person like me.

"You're Br-Br-Bron. No what...Um...Its....Don't tell me"

"Brook. I was in your flying lesson two years ago" her voice was so angelic when she didn't stutter.

"We better get going, we don't wanna be stuck on the train when it heads back to London."

She smiled and giggled slightly. It was at the moment my heart skipped a beat...What a beautiful smile she had.

The End

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