"It's the youngest who has to go first!" someone yelled. I almost thought they were also going to Hogwarts, because that was what my mum had told me on my first day. Of coarse, it wasn't true, but there you go. 

I smiled and ran at the stone pillar marked Platform 9, the only way to get to platform 9 3/4.  I only just managed to get on the train before it set off. My usual cabin was full, but someone moved over, beckoning for me to sit down.

"Um... no, it's, I mean, umm, I can, you know, I mean, I'll go find another cabin" I tumbled over my words. Talking to people was not my cup of tea. Instead, I tended to keep to myself. 

Staring out of the window of an empty cabin, I absently twirled one of my brown curls around my finger.

My mum was never like this. When she went to Hogwarts, she was confident and popular. She knew almost everyone in her year, and topped all the classes. That is, except for Potions, but I made up for that. 
My mum was also extremely sporty, making the Quiddich team as soon as she could. But oh no, not me. 

Me, I was just boring old lonely Brook Winters. Not much of a life.

The End

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