Hollow: Tobias

My father stayed on the muggle side of the barrier to platform 9 and 3/4.  He didn't like the idea of running straight at a stone wall that everything in his head told him would knock him out.  So we said goodbye and I emerged o my platform alone.

'Hey!'  I heard the voice and turned to see a familiar face smiling at me.  'How are you Hollow?'

'I'm very well thanks.  How are you Tobias?  Good summer?'  Tobias was the bad boy of my year.  Everyone knew he was no good, but that hadn't stopped me from dating him once or twice at the end of last year.  I saw his little brother roll his eyes behind Tobias' back, mutter something to himself then walk off towards the train.  'Do you want to find a compartment?  They'll be filling up soon.'

I couldn't see any of my friends as I walked off towards the train.  It wasn't too hard to find an empty compartment, a lot of the students were still outside, saying good bye to their parents.  So Tobias and I sat down in an empty compartment and we began chatting.

I told him all about my summer.  Not that there was much to tell, I'd spent two weeks in the south of France and the rest of my time shut away in my house.  But at least he pretended to be interested in what I was saying and he laughed when I told him about when my parents took us kayaking and my older brother, Justin, capsized our kayak and we both got soaked.

'It sounds like you had fun,' Tobias said when he'd recovered from his laughter.  

I shrugged.  'Yeah it was alright I guess.'  I looked up and met his emerald green eyes.  They were so mesmerising, I hardly noticed his face getting closer until I felt his breath on my face.

Our lips were about to meet when the door to our compartment crashed open and my accident-prone friend Aria came flying in, followed closely by her twin brother, Ian.  I instantly sprang backwards, leaving Tobias hanging somewhere between the two rows of seats.

'Why do they make the corridors so small,' Aria complained, throwing the bags she had been carrying onto the racks above our seats and collapsing on the seat next to me.  'Hello babes,' she said, hugging me tightly.  'Long time no see.  How was your summer?'

Tobias was clearly looking uncomfortable as he stood up to leave.  I de-tangled myself from Aria's grip and hurried after him.  'Wait!'  He turned around and stopped so I could catch him up.  The train was moving now and I crashed into one wall then the other as I moved down the corridor.  'You're not leaving are you?'

'I have some people I need to see.'  I felt the smile on my face droop as he said this.  'But I'll come back in a bit when things in your carriage have calmed down a bit.'  I giggled, knowing how loud and manic Aria could be.

'OK then.  See you later.'  I felt a surge of warmth pass through my entire body as he leant forward and our lips met.  It was only for the tiniest moment before he drew back and walked off down the swaying corridor, but it still left me standing, dazed, in the middle of the train.

The End

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