Sebastian: Love Train

There I stood, looking quite out of place. With my rather eye-drawing and tearful mother on one side and my charmer of a brother on the other. We had both said good-bye. 

"This is always the worst part of the trip!" I moaned as we approached platform 9, "what if someone sees me"

"Don't worry little bro" I looked up at the mocking face of Tobias. I try not to think of myself as jealous of him, but I think I must be. I would kill to have had as many girlfriends as he's had. Just as I was about to say something spiteful he pushed me and my trolley with all his might. I gasped in horror as I collided with a wall, a wall I went straight through. Platform nine and three-quarters. Just as I remembered it.

"I don't see any of my friends" I moaned once Tobias was with me. He put his rather muscular arm over my shoulder

"Don't worry, I'll sit with you on the train" his eye was suddenly caught by something in the smoke. His expression was like a dog who just caught a scent. Forgetting about my existence he headed off through the smoke. Following him, I found he was after a very tall and slender girl with long white blond hair. God, is he ever not on patrol for a girl

"Hey!" he smiled at this girl, her dazzling blue eyes staring into his shining emeralds "...." The horn blasted for passengers to get on the train just as Tobias began chatting her up.

"Looks like I'm sitting alone this year" I sighed before clambering onboard the train that would take me to the most unusual school in the world.

The End

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