A new Hogwarts

Hogwarts in 2010, the buildings been restored and all our favourite characters have left. Bring in the new ones...us!

With a dripple of ketchup on my chin, I looked up in surprise. I had heard a screech then a bang. I looked over at my young mother who also looked in a state of shock. Simultaneously we rushed from the dining table to the garden.

Lying in a heap, by the sliding doors that led to the living room was a barn owl. Its feathers were ruffled and it was groaning in pain after colliding with the apparently open door. As I grabbed the piece of parchment attacked to its ankle, my mother picked it up. She walked back into the house without me, a foul mistake

"It bit me!" she sceamed, letting go of the bird. It flew the few feet towards me and perched upon my shoulder then presented its leg to me. My mother frowned as I paid the bird. Its job finished it launched itself from it perch and into the horizon.

"Who's it from, Sebastian" my mother asked stupidly, washing her finger to protect her from 'owl flu'

"Who do you think?" I yelled rhetorically as she moved into the next room. Once she was out of hearing distance I laughed to myself, "God, is it that time of year already"

The End

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