The EndMature

I was released from the hospital and headed straight for the cemetary. Ellie was being buried, but I could take comfort in that she was happy where she was. But I was the only one who knew that.

They were putting the coffin in to the ground as I arrived, so I slipped over to Nessie and stood silently whilst they finished up. While people were leaving I put flowers on her grave and smiled, thinking of how happy a life she would have. I didn't hate her for what she's done.

"You're out." whispered Nessie as we left.

"Yep. I have to go for a check up in a few weeks, but that's it."

"Thank goodness. Poor Ellie. I mean I know she did bad things, but I do think she didn't deserve this."

"I agree." I smiled at her. "So how are you and Luke?"

"Fine actually. We're dating."

"Oh finally!" I grinned and hugged her.

"Come on let's go home."

"Ah home. You know what, I'm going to have a party, and it's going to be the best of the year. And then I'm going to study like hell. My life is going to be better from now on. I'm going to live a great life!"

And I knew I was going to do that.

This is my second chance at life, and I'm going to make the most of it.

The End

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