Flicker of HopeMature


I threw the sword aside and knelt on the ground, cradling Alexandria’s frail body in my arms. The tears wouldn’t come, this seemed like a nightmare in which I was waiting to wake up…but there wasn’t such thing. Genevieve was on the ground as well, crimson red liquid flowing swiftly from the side of her body, trickling closer and closer to my beloved. In a rash and infuriating movement, I pulled Alexandria’s body away from the sinner’s blood as gently as possible. Every one of our friends gathered around us, weeping and calling her name in vain. I did so too.

“Please, don’t leave me,” I sobbed, “I promised you I’d never leave you and I’d love you always…why you don’t keep that promise as well…?”

Alexandria’s eyes were diminishing in brightness, like an unpolished pearl, as she stared back at me. I pushed back the strands of hair that had fallen into her face and kissed her lightly on the forehead. My tears came out fast and incessantly. Courtney, unable to stand such misery ran away, but I couldn’t run away, it was my duty to remain beside my wife until her last breath of life. The doctors were called and the royal family and court members were already gathered around us. The Queen wailed and buried her face on her husband’s broad chest as he held her close. Alexandria finally closed her eyes and drifted into the unknown. I called her name one more time, and then I prayed for her, prayed that she would be happy wherever she was and prayed to see her again in the future.

They took her away and I felt as if life itself had ripped my heart away leaving me with numbness and unbearable loneliness. My hands felt empty without hers. I walked towards the lake, where I proposed to Alexandria, and sank to the soft, green grass. The ominous clouds of rain were coming over us and the sun was partly covered. A gentle touch closed around my hand and I turned to see Ellie, her eyes were red from crying and her face tired of weeping. I smiled at her and all of the things she might become.


I watched her eyes flutter open and hope flooded in me once again, I would be able to wander in those eyes again. She blinked several times, adjusting her eyes to the environment around her, to the blinding white lights of the ceiling, and to the setting sun beyond the horizon. General cries of happiness and relief overwhelmed the room. The doctor considered this a miracle. I approached her bed and grasped at her hand as if anchoring her to this world in fear that she might go away from us…from me.

“Alex, I’m so sorry…” I said, holding her hand to my lips, “I love you; I hope you don’t doubt that…if there is any way we could be together again….”

“I’d think about it,” she smiled gently at me and I saw a flicker of hope light my heart. I returned her kind smile with a pathetic, tearful one and I heard her joyous laugh. The doctors ushered us outside and we stood in the hallway engulf in mirth and bliss. Alex was back to us and that was the only thing that will occupy my mind for the days to come.

The End

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