Guinevere's DemiseMature

I held the knife against the girl's throat, eyeing the boys who had come to save her. I threw up a protective bubble around myself, blocking the onslaught of weapons. Then, I plunged the dagger into her heart. The prince lunged at me with his sword, but I disappeared. I had done it! I had won! None of those fools knew why I had killed her, which meant that I could go back and rob the crypt later, then I would...

I stumbled and fell. I put my hand to my side and was horrified to see crimson liquid staining my hand. He had gotten me. I wasn't strong enough to heal that kind of wound. However, I realized that I also had Alexandria's blood on my hands. I couldn't renew the spell, but maybe...


I woke up from my nap. After I had put fixed my bed, I went to the bathroom, humming a song. I took a quick shower, then stepped out drying my hair. I had had a terrible dream about... well, I had forgotten. I put on my glasses, looked in the mirror and gasp. It was my reflection, but from about thirty years ago. I cleaned the lenses and put my glasses back on. My reflection looked normal. Hmm, I guess it was just my imagination. But As I dressed I was almost certain that I heard a voice.

Soon, Alexandria, soon.

The End

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