I screamed as the woman I'd thought was a servant came towards me and saying she needed my heart. I screamed, and watched her face light up with the most evil grin I had ever seen. 

"Leave her alone!" I swung round and saw Aiden, Nathanial and Lucas running towards me, weapons in their hands. It was then I felt the knife blade leaning against my throat. I gulped and felt it grate, but I didn't dare scream again. The men stopped, and Aiden's face was full of horror.

 'Don't think I won't do it,' she hissed.  'I never said I needed her alive.'  She brought the knife away from my throat, holding it high in the air.  'Or maybe I'll just hurt her a bit first.'

And then I felt my consciousness sliding away. Instead of fighting, I knew what I had to do. I allowed myself to slip in the a faint.

Suddenly I felt warm, and seemed to be floating in something that resembled space. I stared around in wonder, then set my mind to the task in hand. My dreams for the last few nights had been about this place, and I knew it was time for me to make the choice. Do I go back to the real world, the world where I am in a coma, or do I go to the world where my life is in danger and I've just been married?

For the first time I wondered why this had happened to me, why I was the one switching between worlds. Was it a miracle, proof that there was some other being in control of the world? Was it magic? A dilusion? A dream? I didn't know. But it had taught me a lot about my life and who I am.

Suddenly a flash of light on either side of me appeared, and created a gash in the darkness. On my left, the world I had just come from appeared, frozen. I was on the floor, the woman was stood over me, and Aiden was lunging forward with his sword.

On my right I could see a hospital room, and all my friends stood round me as I lay in bed. This too was frozen. Now was the time. I closed my eyes.

What do I really need? Not want, but need?

My eyes open, I reached out my hand and put it through the gash...

The End

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