What Women WantMature


Words could not describe how happy I was feeling at that moment.  The double wedding had gone exactly as I planned; both Alexandria and Courtney looked beautiful and the spectators were all perfectly behaved.  I could feel tears pricking at my eyes as my two best friends were officially announced as wives to their respective husbands.  I was so proud.

I let them take the limelight, hiding in a corner with Lucas's arm around me.

'Have you heard what Alexandria and Courtney have done for us?'  I said quietly to him.  'They've organised a special ceremony for us to confirm our vows.'

'What vows?'

'Our wedding vows.'

'But we're already married,' Lucas said, confused by the whole thing.  'Why do we need to confirm our vows?'

'It's not because we need to, it's because we want to.  It'll be like a proper wedding ceremony except you won't have to worry about me not saying 'I do'.'

'But I don't understand why it's so important we do this.'

'It's because, in the nicest way Lucas, you're not a girl,' I said wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him against me.  'You don't dream of the day your father will walk you down the aisle in a dress that makes you look like a princess.  You don't imagine all the guests looking at you and smiling as you sit in the centre of the wedding table.'

'But do you really want all those things?'  Lucas asked emphatically, putting his arms around my waist.

'Of course I do, every girl wants that, and thanks to Courtney and Alexandria I have the chance to have it with the man I'm already married to.  Please do this Lucas, for me.'

'You know I'll do anything for you,' he whispered kissing my forehead and pulling me closer so my head rested on his chest.  'So when is this happening?'


'Seriously?'  He exclaimed.  'I don't have anything to wear.'

'Now you're sounding like a girl,' I laughed.  'Don't worry, Courtney and Alexandria have sorted everything out for us.  It's going to be perfect.'

'What's going on over there?'  Lucas said, a distracted look crossing his face as he looked over my head to something happening behind me.  I turned to see Aiden disappearing off somewhere, closely followed by Nathaniel.  In a matter of moments Courtney was by my side and dragging me off to get ready for my 'wedding'.

The dress they had chosen for me was truly beautiful, hugging my figure in all the right places as Courtney pulled on the strings that tightened the corset bodice.  My shoulders were bare and my blonde hair only half covered them.  That's going to cause a stir, I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror.

'You're beautiful,' Courtney said, hugging me from behind, her chin resting on my shoulder.

'Thank you so much for this Courtney, you have no idea how much it means to me.'  I turned and hugged my best friend properly, beginning to wonder what had happened to Alexandria when a scream penetrated the quiet palace.  It sounded like shattering glass and my ears screamed at me for the sound to stop.

'Let her go!'  I heard the cry from outside my window.  It sounded like Aiden.  I ran to the casement, throwing the window open and leaning out to see Aiden, Nathaniel and Lucas all standing with various weapons in their hands, looking threateningly at a woman who was clutching Alexandria, a knife to her throat.

'Don't think I won't do it,' the woman hissed.  'I never said I needed her alive.'  She brought the knife away from Alexandria's throat, holding it high in the air.  'Or maybe I'll just hurt her a bit first.'

The End

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