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I could hear the trumpets growing louder and louder in my ears and Alexandria as I approached the courtyard where the ceremony was to take place. Aislinn had put her heart and soul into making this day perfect for both Alexandria and I, and I could feel myself constantly smiling.

The king met us in the entrance hall, complemented us both on how beautiful we looked before taking Alexandria’s arm.

I looked around and spotted my father who approached me and offered his arm to me, and we both followed behind Alexandria and her father.

The trumpets were almost deafening as we made our way out onto the courtyard, it was a beautiful summer’s evening, the sun was hanging low in the sky casting an orange and red glow across the sky.

White roses has been beautifully places either side of the aisle which Alexandria and I were to walk down, and lit by candles on tables on either side was a tall white podium, where are future husbands stood.

 I could see Nathanial stood to the right of Aiden, looking so handsome, composed and confident and most of all happy. Aiden on the other hand looked pale; he was dabbing perspiration from his brow with a handkerchief and he was trembling ever so slightly.

Nathanial’s long red hair was tied back and he looked ever so smart in a suit, and I felt so happy that I was marrying him and becoming Mrs. Courtney Firebrand.

 The wedding march began, and both Alexandria and I both glided elegantly down the aisle until we reached the podium where my father handed me over to Nathanial and Alexandria was given to Aiden.

“Please take good care of her” my father said to Nathanial, who nodded silently at him before turning to face the priest.

 When it was time to exchange rings, I slid the golden ring gently onto Nathanial’s finger and he did likewise, I blushed slightly and caught Alexandria’s eye as her golden wedding ring was slid onto her finger.

“Do you Nathanial Firebrand take Courtney Diegan to be your lawfully wedded wife?” the priest asked Nathanial, who stared directly into my eyes before saying “I do.”

My whole body seemed to bubble with warmth at those words, “Do you Courtney Diegan take Nathanial Firebrand to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

I looked at Nathanial lovingly before saying “I do.”

“You may now kiss the bride”

Nathanial lifted the veil and his soft lips pressed against mine and I had to pinch myself to make sure that this was actually reality, the cheers that erupted from the crowd was astronomical and Aiden, Alexandria, Nathanial and myself were all covered in confetti.

Aislinn was cheering the loudest and she ran towards us hugging me then Nathanial, then hugging Alexandria and Aiden in turn.

After the cheers had died away, the music began and a space in the centre of the courtyard was clearer, and both Alexandria and I were dragged by our new husbands into the centre.

“So Mrs. Firebrand, may I have the honor if this first dance?” Nathaniel asked bowing slightly, “you may” I said with a little giggle as I kissed him tenderly before preparing to dance.

Halfway through the dance I noticed the servant girl Guinevere, hurry up to Alexandria and Aiden who were in mid dance, say something and scurry away with Alexandria in tow! Aiden looked disgruntled and slightly annoyed by this rude revelation which had interrupted his first dance with his new wife. After a few seconds he made a beeline after the servant and Alexandria – wherever they may have disappeared too.  I could feel Nathanial feel slightly uncomfortable after seeing this to continue dancing and as soon as the music had finished he said ever so politely “If you will excuse me please my darling?” I nodded and he gave me a quick peck on the cheek before hurrying after Aiden.

I walked slowly over to Aislinn, who looked as confused as I was by this as Lucas too had followed Alexandra, the servant girl, Aiden and Nathanial.

“What do you suppose is going on?” I asked her.

“No Idea?” she said simply “I’m sure its nothing.”

“Anyway” I said clapping my hands together, “We need to get you ready now for your blessing with Lucas, come on!” I grabbed her arm and towed her towards her bedroom to help her get ready for the blessing.

The End

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