A Happy UnionMature


Something was pounding incessantly in my ear as I was shifting uncomfortably in my feet. Suddenly, my princely suit felt tight around my neck and the sun felt excessively hot in my face. I brushed away a bead of perspiration from my brow and glanced at Nathaniel's composed expression.

"Don't your hear that monotonous thump in your eardrums?" I inquired, adjusting the collar of my shirt, I was eagerly awaiting for the sublime entrance of my bridesmaid, arms in arm with the King.

Nathaniel only laughed, "it certainly must be your heart, young prince," he said, "try to breathe Aiden, you look very pale, you might spoil the girl's day and mine with your fidgeting."

"Rest assured, Nathaniel," I replied, steadying my rapid heart beat, "that is what will never happen for I know how much of their heart they poured into this grand celebration. It will be atrocious of my part to ruin it." I gazed at the clear sky with the sun imposing above the fluffy, cumulus clouds, an augur of rain during the night. Everybody was present for this special celebration, our family, closest friends, and important members of the court were sitting in the front rows and respectable people from town had also joined in the celebration. Royal families from kingdoms afar had also come to witness the union of love and peace of two kingdoms. Most importantly, I had the chance of marrying alongside my best friends.

Lucas also appeared beside me and I gave him a quick smile. The royal trumpets resounded, announcing the start of the procession. The doors of the castle slowly opened, revealing the patronizing and regal figures of the King and of the beautiful rose by his side: Alexandria. She was shrouded in light as she stepped into the garden, with her elegant white dress flowing slightly with the caressing wind. Her radiant smile and bright eyes suspended me in a spell and I suddenly felt short of air. Joy overwhelmed me and a smile settled on my lips, she blushed and smiled back. Aislinn and Courtney were walking behind her, arm-in-arm with their respective fathers.

The King smiled proudly at me as he handed Alexandria's hand to me. "Take care of her, son," he whispered.

I promised silently and took Alexandria's hand and let her into the altar, before the priest. The priest blessed us and we said our vows, the rings were brought and placed into our fingers to seal our marriage.

"You may kiss the bride," he said.

I smiled at Alexandria and place a finger in her blushing cheek, "how beautiful you are today," I told her and bend my head to place my lips on hers. Her smooth lips returned my kiss with tenderness and happiness. Applause and cheers surrounded us as we parted, everybody was on their feet, clapping and wishing us a happy life.

"Now that the two kingdoms and the lives of these three couple are united," King Riordana said, "we shall begin with the celebration." Everybody went forth to congratulate the newly-weds and some went to the banquet table.

"Are you happy?" I slipped my arm around Alexandria's waist and pulled her aside.

"As happy as any girl can be!" she beamed and wrapped her arms around my neck. I kissed her once more.

"I guess now I can kiss you all I want because you're my wife and queen." She laughed and I kiss her forehead.

Just then, the young flower girl came forth and asked for Alexandria's assistance, she said it was urgent.

"I will be right back," she told me and followed Guineviere. The flower girl had looked suspicious and the whole affair of separating Alexandria from us was a bit odd. I decided to follow her. Nathaniel and Lucas noticed this odd behaviour of mine and decided to follow me.

"I feel something is wrong," I told them, "I feel a sudden sense of loneliness, as if something will be taken from me forever..." Both Nathaniel and Lucas looked at each other in confusion, but decided to follow me nonetheless.

The End

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