One Last ChanceMature

I was selected to be a flower girl. Well, with a bit of encouragement of course. Now I was tossing flowers at the brides as they began there walk down the aisle. It wasn't the idle cover, but it was the only was I could get close enough to Alexandria. I smiled. She had no idea.

 After the failure with the potion I decided that I could hid in the shadows no longer. It was now or never. After the wedding ceremony I walked over to the princess. 

"Your Highness," I said, curtsying, "your friend Elizabeth, is in great distress. She requires your assistance immediately." 

Alexandria looked reluctant to leave. I nudged her mind a little. "She said it was important." She looked over at her friends. 

"Alright. I hope that this is quick." She got up and began to follow me. One of her friends looked back in disappointment, but we continue without any resistance.

We walked into the castle, which was now near empty, and walked up a long flight of stairs. Finally, I stopped within one of the many guest rooms. The girl looked worried.

"Where is she?" She asked. I turned.

"Not here." The door locked itself behind her. Alexandria began to back away. 

"Do you know why you can see into the other world?"

"Other world?"

"With your friends, Vanessa, Pippa, and Eric."

Her eyes widened. "How did you know that?"

"You and I are the only ones who are aware that there are two worlds. I have been waiting for another person with your abilities."


"You and your other self are around the same age, lust like everyone else's . Mine is not. I created my other self a long time ago as a vessel to store my age in. But the spell is weakening, and I am growing old. And the older I get, the less power I have. The aging is rapid, and it is only a matter of time."

"But, who is your other self?" The princess asked quietly. 

"Oh, you don't recognize me?" I shed my disguise, my hair growing black and curly, and I grew taller. My hair was full of telltale grey streaks and there were light creases on my face.

Alexandria looked surprised. "You look like Miss Reginold."

"Yes, more like her than I wish. This is why I need you."


"Yes. With you, I can complete the spell. With you I can become powerful enough to take over the kingdom."

I saw the realization in her eyes. "The poison!" She turned but I froze her in place. 

"Yes, I put the poison there in an attempt to kill you without using magic. It make me age more rapidly. Now to complete the spell." I took out a knife.

"All I need is your heart."

The End

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