Courtney discoveredMature

The news that Courtney had been discovered in a faint half way between her home and mine was a great shock to me. I headed straight for her chambers where I had been told she was resting. When I entered, she was sat up in bed, looking right at me.

"Courtney. Are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine now."

"The wedding is this evening. What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking that I didn't want to remember my friend by his funeral." She began to cry and I rushed over, hugging her.

"I'm sorry. Don't cry." I held on to her until the crying stopped.

"I can't believe we're getting married tonight."

"Me neither."

"Everything seems to have gone so fast Alexandria."

"Yes, and yet I think there is still more to come."



I smoothed down my wedding dress, it's smooth satin skirt linked to the bodice and decorated with golden thread. I hardly recognised myself in the mirror, and had to touch my face to see if it was really me. I felt a hand upon my shoulder, and turned to see Courtney and Aislinn. Courtney looked beautiful in her dress, and she smiled at me, joy beaming from her face. Aislinn had tears in her eyes.

"Thank you for this Aislinn. I can tell it's going to go perfectly." She smiled and nodded. I turned to Courtney. "Shall we go then?"

She grasped my hand and we headed out. The wedding was being held in the courtyard, where Aislinn had hung banners of white and decorated it with candels and white roses. As Courtney and I reached the gate I could see all of this glory, and the guests that were lined up on wooden chairs throughout. Directly ahead of us, lit my the flickering candles, was the white podium, where our future husbands stood, side by side, ready to recieve us. I squeezed Courtney's hand, thanked Aislinn once again, then took my father's arm as Courtney took hers.

The wedding march began.

The End

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