I'd been very happy planning both Courtney and Alexandria's weddings despite the fact that I hadn't stopped to draw breath in for a couple of days, but the moment Aiden mentioned that Courtney couldn't be found I began to worry.  I had no time to go look for her, there was so much to sort out for the weddings in a couple of days time but if there was no bride there might only be one wedding to plan.

'Lucas,' I called, spotting my husband on the other side of the main hall.  I gestured for him to come over and he weaved his way surprisingly elegantly between the people milling around the space.

'How are you doing Aislinn,' he said, wrapping his arms around my waist and leaning in for a kiss, 'it feels like I haven't seen you in days.'

'I don't have time for that,' I said, not thinking about Lucas's feelings as I pulled away from him.  'Have you seen Courtney recently?'

'No I haven't,' he said, slightly miffed but not sounding angry.  'Why, what's wrong?'

'Nobody has seen her for a while and I'm worried.'

'You worry far too much Ai,' he said, this time forcing me into a hug I couldn't pull away from.  'Courtney is a big girl, I'm sure she'll turn up again.  Remember when she went off to find the antidote for me without telling anyone.  Maybe she's done something like that again.'

'But she wouldn't leave only a few days before her wedding,' I protested.

'She'll be back, I promise.  And you will have arranged the most spectacular wedding ever for her.  Everything will turn out fine, I know it will, look at us.  I didn't think we'd ever be married but here we are, husband and wife.'

I knew Lucas was right.  He was turning into the voice of reason, always telling me which road I should take.

'Thank you,' I said, finally hugging him back properly, 'but can you still go have one last look for me, just in case someone knows where she might be.'

'I'll do a sweep of the palace,' he said, smiling down at me and kissing the top of my head.

'Thank you,' I murmured, switching back into wedding planner mode.  'Now if you could do that I would be very grateful as I have a lot of things to sort out before tonight.'

'Yes ma'am,' Lucas responded, giving me a mock salute.  'I'm not sure if I like you when you're being all bossy.'

'Just get on with it,' I said, waving my hands at him, 'or I'll have to use other methods of persuasion.'

'Maybe later,' Lucas said, winking at me before leaving the hall to look for any information on Courtney.  I didn't know what I would do without him, he was perfect.  I had a lot of trouble bringing myself back down to earth after Lucas had left, my brain was now occupied with too many things; plans for two weddings, the absence of one of the brides and random thoughts about Lucas all wandered through my head, distracting me from whatever I was meant to be doing.

'Focus,' I hissed to myself, startling a few servants who were bringing in a section of the long table where the newly wedded couples and their families would sit.  'Sorry,' I mumbled, 'carry on.'

The End

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