Alexandria's words confused me, she spoke with such passion as if she wasn't coming back to my arms. She told me she loved me and will always love me, but what did love meant if I didn't have her by my side. I felt happiness overwhelming my heart at the sole thought that one day Alexandria and I would live together after our wedding. When I have her in my arms, the world doesn't matter.

I peered out of a window, the servants were making the preparations for the double wedding that would take place in no time. Aislinn proved to be a great organizer for everything seemed to be going well. Nathaniel came to me with a worried expression.

"Aiden, have you seen Courtney?" he asked anxiously.

 I answered, "I haven't seen her since yesterday."

"Me neither, I will keep looking though," he said and walked at a fast pace until he disappeared around a corner.

I walked down to the common room where the room was exquisitely decorated, from afar I saw Aislinn commanding with gentleness and grace. I approached her.

"Good morning Aislinn," I greeted. "How are you in this fine morning?"

"Prince Aiden, good morning," she smiled. "I am well, thank you. A little busy because of the preparations, what do you think of this room and the garden?"

"I think you've been doing a great job," I replied, "better than any organizer in town."

Aislinn blushed slightly and nodded in gratefulness.

"By the way, have you seen Courtney?" I inquired, "Nathaniel came to me just now to ask me about her whereabouts, I thought that you might know, perhaps?"

"Courtney? I've been very much into organizing the wedding that I almost lost contact with my friends. Now that you bring this forth, I haven't seen her since couple of days ago."

Concern was creeping to her face and I tried to soothed it, "don't worry Aislinn, I am sure Courtney will appear in no time. Nathaniel is like a hound when it comes to searching." Aislinn wasn't convinced nor at ease with what I told her. "Well, I got to get going, good luck with the preparations." I bid her farewell and walked to the gardens. The fresh morning air met me with graciousness as I walked down the steps and past the rose garden.

I saw a lonely figure by the lake, her dress flowing in pace with the wind. It was Elizabeth, she was Lucas saviour and had gained the friendship of the girls. I thought it was time to pay my respects to our new friend.

"Good morning Elizabeth," I greeted, giving her a small and respectful smile. I didn't like Elizabeth before, but she had changed and I was going to give her a chance to prove that to me.

"Good morning Prince Aiden," she curtsied and returned my smile.

"What are you doing out here?"

"I was just admiring the beauty of the kingdom," she replied, "never before had I taken my surroundings into consideration."

"You look happy," I noted.

"Yes," she breathed. "I feel more alive than ever before, as if a darker side of me died and fade away..."

Her words struck me, I too looked toward the endless sky and toward that place where sky touched earth.


The moment I walked out of the hospital, a strong and dreary wind hit my face. I lowered my head to avoid the strong winds to get in contact with my eyes. There was a commotion outside, people were gathered around in a place, murmuring words of death and consolation. I saw a group of nurses and paramedics rushing out of the hospital, past me, and running toward the scene.

My heart stopped beating for some seconds and I sprinted toward the scene. It wasn't morbid curiosity that called me, it was more than that, like a bond of life. When I reached the crowd I tried to make my way toward the main scene.

"She lost blood, if we want to save her we have to move and fast!" a doctor was shouting.

"What happened?" I asked anxious, shoving people out of my way to get a clearer view of the accident.

"A girl committed suicide," a woman told me, she had tears in her eyes. "I saw her jumped from the building and land on the ground," she stifled a sob, "she was so young..."

My heart beat raced and I pushed people aside, praying it hadn't been one of my former friends. Finally, I reached to the centre of the gathering and saw Ellie surrounded by a pool of blood, her blood.

My legs felt weak and I plummeted to the floor staring at her lifeless body. Tears welled in my eyes and I called her name softly. "Ellie, Ellie, why... why did you left this world too?" Tears streamed down my face faster, I tried to crawled closer to her, to take her hand and assure that she didn't die alone and forgotten, but a nurse made me stopped and shook her head in disappointment.

I closed my eyes and sobbed. I felt guilty, the two girls I'd ever loved were on their way to leaving this world. It wasn't fair. The death's train would soon arrive to take Ellie's soul away. I did something I hadn't done since a child, prayed for her, prayed that her soul would rest in peace.

I lift my head to look at Ellie one last time before the doctors covered her, for a fleeting instant I saw a small smile curling on her face. She was happy, wherever she might be.

Numb, I walked away from the crowd and rest my back against the building. I buried my head on my knees and blocked the sound out, the only sounds I wanted to hear were my tears as they fall upon my skin... and that of my heart... crying.


The End

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