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I finally gave up, slamming the book down and the desk and sighing, "You know I think your right Aislinn; its hopeless!" I knew that it was a chance in a million, finding anything but I was worried about Alex, as was Aislinn.

We got up and left the library, heading for Alexandria's room; neither of us spoke much we were both too worried about Alexandria. "I think that if we take Alex's mind off this delusion of hers then she might see sense." I hated suggesting that Alexandria was in any way mad, but thats what they were - thats what the had to be. Delusions. "Yes, we still have loads to plan for the weddings" Aislinn said with an air of excitement in her voice. "I've been making some plans too, Both Nathaniel and I want the wedding to be in Damby - its just my family is there and its still my home." I looked at Aislinn, willing her to feel the same way. After what seemed an age she nodded before knocking on Alexandria's bedroom door.

Alexandria was reluctant to carry on making wedding plans and was stubborn to discuss why with me in the room - she didn't know that I already knew why she didnt want to get married to Aiden anymore. I got up and made to leave - I was upset that Alex hadn't confided in me as well but it was her choice.  "I'll leave you to it" I said making my way over to the door. "Courtney" Aislinn called, I turned around "Yes?" my hand slowly turning the door knob. "You don't have to go, Alex - Courtney knows about what you told me." He face contorted with anger; "You had no right, I trusted you not to tell anyone!" 

"I was worried about you, and Courtney is too!" Aislinn shouted back, her voice breaking slightly.

"I'll just go," I said leaving the room and heading to my own, I could hear the raised voices of Alexandria and Aislinn as I climbed the stairs to my bedroom. I felt like such an outsider - Alex didnt trust me and yet I am one of her best friends?

I sat in silence in my bedroom, staring out at the sun, high in the sky. it must be about noon I guessed. There was a knock on the door, in the doorway was my father.

"Father, what are you doing here?" I said amazed by the unannounced arrival of my father. "I have some bad news for you Courtney, Bartholomew passed away last night." 

I couldn't speak for shock, he was like an uncle to me and he had just gone like that? "How?" I asked trying to stifle a sob. "Just old age, sweetheart the funeral has been arranged for tomorrow."

"Right, I'm coming with you back to Damby - I must say a proper farewell to Batholemew" I said grabbing my saddlebag from the bottom of my wardrobe and throwing a few essentials into it. Then I followed my father out of the castle and towards the horse drawn carriage that was waiting by the front gates.

No-one saw me leave and I was in no fit state to waste any time in telling anyone where I was going, I walked glumbly towards the carriage and clambered in. The sooner we got to Damby the better.

The End

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