Drifting In and Out of ConciousnessMature


I could hear muffled sounds streaming into my ears; the continuous beeping of Electrocardiograph Machine to my left and doctors and nurses talking to each other on my right. I still couldn't see anything and my eyelids felt heavy when I tried to open them. I tried to move but my whole body seemed to ache, so i resigned myself to staying laid on my back, listening for any familiar sounds since I was still unable to open my eyes.

A crowd of familiar voices seemed to enter the room all at once; I could hear Nessie, Luke, Logan and even Eric enter the room. "Are they going to be okay?" I heard Nessie ask; what could only be a passing doctor. "Both of your friends are lucky to be alive; Miss Kenley, is still in a coma and I am afraid to say that she may never regain conciousness." I heard Nessie; stiffle a sob at this before asking "And what about Pippa, how is she doing?" I could visualise Nessie's hazel eyes boaring into the doctor; daring him to give her yet more bad news. "Miss Bramley is a very stong girl indeed - we were able to sucessfully stop the internal bleeding without her loosing too much blood; however  it will take a while for the general anaesthetic to wear off." What was that doctor talking about, I was awake I could hear him, I could hear everyone around me; true I may not be able to open my eyes but their was nothing to stop me talking was their. I opened my mouth to try and say "Nessie" but no sound came out. The doctor carried on "Miss Bramley will probably drift in and out of states of consciencness before properly waking up."

I felt a hand against my hand and heard Eric's voice in my ear; "Hey Pippa, if you can hear me you have got to hold on you have to get better." I felt his lips press against mine and I tried to recipitate my feelings towards Eric by kissing him back but I was too weak and I couldn't move.

A new voice entered the room at that moment, It was Ellie. Her voice was strangely quiet when she spoke to the group of friends gathered around both me and Alex.

"I have to go" she said in barely more than a whisper, "I'm so sorry for all the hurt I have caused" she said before I heard the door bang shut and she was gone. Minutes passed, then the door was banged open again the man who entered was the doctor Nessie had spoken to earlier; I recognised his voice. "Do you all know Ellie Newton?" he asked rather urgently. "Yes" Nessie replied concern in her voice. "I'm afraid, I have some bad news; Ellie is dead"

Dead? How can Ellie be dead? was the last thing I thought as I was plunged into darkness and nothingness.



"So how do we help Alexandria then; I'm very worried about her" Aislinn asked me as I pulled out of the hug. "Well first things first; we need to go to the libary and do a little research on this" I said before grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the stairs, towards the library.

The End

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