Ms. Reginold: HorrifiedMature

I buttoned up my coat and tied the laces on my shoes. I was going to my regular checkup at the hospital. I had been putting it off but my sister finally convinced me to go. I was about to walk out the door when I noticed a picture on my side table and picked it up. I remembered that my sister had given it to me last Christmas. It was of us when we were in our twenties. Fredrick Banner had given me a kiss on the cheek when it was shot. 

"Where do the years go?" I put the picture down and walked to my car. When I arrived at the hospital I noticed someone standing on the roof. I assumed it was a construction worker at first but I realized that they were not wearing a uniform and that the roof wasn't being repaired. I got closer and realized it was Elizabeth. She had her arms out at her sides. 

"Elizabeth, no!" I ran towards her. A sudden vision flashed through my head of a younger girl, jumping off a bridge...

I tripped and fell. There was the sound of a sickening thud. I got up and continued running. But it was too late. Too late.

The End

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