Sworn to SecrecyMature


I was so happy that I had sorted things out with Aislinn; I know however that I must have sounded like a spoilt brat for making a big deal out of something so small and insignificant.

The sun was just starting to rise in the sky the next morning when I awoke. I snugged back down enjoying the warm embrace of my bed, before I would have to get up and face the world.  I could hear the birds singing an early morning song as I dozed in my bed.

A soft tapping on my door brought me out of my doze, and pulling on my cotton dressing gown I went to answer it. Nathaniel was in the doorway "Morning Beautiful" he said kissing me tenderly. "Morning" I said with a smile playing across my lips. "I just thought I would come and wish you a good morning since I was passing your door, Prince Aiden and I are going for a morning ride in the fresh air" he said taking hold of my hands and swinging them lovingly from side to side. "Aww, thats so sweet, I was thinking-" Nathaniel gave me a pretend shocked look at this which made me stop mid sentance and giggle. "I was thinking whether it would be possible to have our wedding in Damby, Its just my parents are there and some old friends of mine like Bartholemew." I looked up at him hopeful. His response was almost instantaneous, "Anything for you Courtney" and with a peck on the cheek; he was gone.

I sighed as I went back into my room; everything was going perfect, I was getting married. I sighed again as I replayed the moment he had proposed to me in my head. "Mrs Nathaniel Firebrand!" what a wonderful name!

There was another knock on my door; this time it was Aislinn, fully dressed with a concerned look on her face. I suddenly felt very lazy since I was still in my silk nightshirt and dressing gown. "Whats the matter?" I said hurring to let her in. "Its Alexandria, something strange has happened to her"

I listened as Aislinn proceeded to tell me all about Alex's idea that she was from another world and that this world was just a figment of her imagination and that Alex had to choose which world she wanted to be in." I looked at Aislinn totally confused and slightly bemused at this wacky idea. "This is real though?" I said pinching myself to make sure. "Ouch, yep this is real. I'm definately real." Aislinn frowned at my attempt to make the situation humourous. "Its not funny! I have told Alex that I believe her but I am not sure what to believe, I'm worried for her sanity Courtney" she said her eyes glistening with unshed tears. "You can't let on that you know anything though. Promise me?" I nodded quickly. "So why did you tell me then?" I asked. "I'm worried about her" she said one of the tears in her eyes trickling down her cheek. I pulled her into a tight hug.

The End

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