Help, I Need YouMature


I slept so much better that night knowing everything was sorted between Courtney and me.  I could see now that I'd been an idiot.  Courtney had done so much for me, she was one of my best friends and I didn't want to lose her, not over something as petty as forgetting to say thank you.

It also felt good to curl up next to Lucas, his arm around me and my head resting on his chest, listening to the sound of his breathing.  I had never felt safer than when I was lying in his arms.

'Good morning,' he said as the sun began to filter through the curtains, kissing my forehead affectionately.

'Morning,' I said sleepily.  'Did you sleep well?'

'I did thanks.  You?'

'Like a baby,'  I snuggled up against Lucas, not wanting to leave the warmth of the bed but knowing that I had to get up.  There was so much to arrange for Courtney and Alexandria's weddings.  They were both to be married in a matter of days and everything had to be perfect or we would all suffer the consequences.  It seemed to be an impossible task.  But I always liked a challenge.

A loud knock on the door signalled that it was time for me to get up.

'Aislinn?'  Alexandria called through the door.  'Are you awake?'

'Yes,' I called back, slipping out of Lucas's hold and putting my silk dressing gown on.

'I need you now.'

'I'll be with you in a minute or two,' I replied.  'I just need to get dressed first.  I'll come and find you when I'm ready.  Where will you be?'

'It's OK, I can wait.'

I shook my head, going to the wardrobe and selecting a plain cotton dress.  If I was going to have to be organised today I needed to be wearing something practical and comfortable.

'I'll see you later,' I said when I was dressed, leaning over the bed to kiss Lucas.

'Are you sure Alexandria needs you,' he replied, his hands cupping my face.  'Can't she do without you for ten more minutes?'

'She's waiting outside so I assume not,' I laughed, kissing Lucas one last time before skipping across the room to the door.  'I love you,' I said before I left, blowing him a kiss.

'I love you Aislinn.'

'So what is it that's so urgent,' I said jokily to Alexandria as I closed the door behind me.

The End

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