Elizabeth: LostMature

I felt strange. Lightheaded. Totally out of it.

It felt like I was wandering through a dream, my feet were taking me somewhere but my brain didn't really register where. I knew it was okay though. Deep down I knew. I had to leave. Okay, I shall leave. I have to say goodbye to the others. No, cannot do that. Mustn't do that. Don't like goodbyes. Don't like attention. Why am I leaving? Potion. Alex. Ah yes, Alex. Fitting in? I was never going to fit in. I don't want to leave though. Can't I stay? No. 

The one way conversation in my mind continued until I found myself in my room. Before I knew what I was doing I found myself clutching a fully packed bag. Someone knocked on the door. I didn't turn around. I didn't care who was there. Let them see.

'Elizabeth?' Someone's voice, deliciously warm and sweet melted through me. I found myself smiling as I turned to face them.

'Matt,' I breathed.

'Elizabeth? What's wrong?' he took me by the shoulders and I collapsed into his arms, giggling. He brushed my hair away from my forehead with light fingers and tilted my head back. I thought he was going to kiss me and I puckered my lips but the kiss never came. He was looking at me with a serious expression. A concerned one.

'What has happened to you? You're not drunk are you?'

'Drunk?' I laughed. 'No! Perish the very thought. I do not drink. You of all people should know that.' 

'Why are you so out of it then?'

I frowned slightly, trying to piece together what had happened but I came up blank.

'I'm not sure,' I shrugged my shoulders. Then suddenly I wasn't standing. I was in the air. Why was I in the air? My head bobbed up and down with each move and I realized I was being carried. Matt was carrying me. 

'You're strong,' I smiled.

He ignored me and set me down on my bed which felt incredibly soft. I sank into the duvets and shut my eyes, forgetting all thoughts of goodbyes.

'I'm worried...' Matt's voice trailed off as I fell into a wondrously comfortable slumber.

The End

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