An Inside JobMature

I was really fed up with that Elizabeth girl. How dare she slap me! I wanted to get even with her, but that would disrupt my plans. Also, she knew my plans, and if she tried to expose me that would cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. So after extracting the info I needed from that worthless servant boy I went after her. She walked for awhile pretending not noticing me, and when we were far away from prying eyes she whirled around, her face red with anger. 

"Why don't you..." She stopped, unable to move. I advanced.

"Do you know who I am, you ignorant child?" I said, looking at her paralyzed face. "I am Guinevere, the Great Sorceress of the Northern Provinces! And I am not going to let you get my way!" I looked deep into her eyes, trying to bring her under my control. She resisted, but eventually she fell on one knee and bowed.


I smiled. "You'd best be on your way."

She nodded blankly and walked away. I smiled. It would be hard to keep her under control, but if it worked it would be worth it in the end. And soon, the kingdom would be mine once again.

The End

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