Making It RightMature


'I'll be back in a minute,' I said, standing up as Courtney ran from the room, tears falling from her eyes.  I didn't know what I had said but I wanted to make it right.  I had never meant to make anyone cry.

I followed the sound of Courtney's sobs and the flash of her dress as she went around corners.  She went outside, running to a far corner of the gardens and hiding beneath a tree, curling into a ball and sobbing.  I approached slowly, not wanting to startle her.

'Are you alright?'  I asked, realising after the words came out of my mouth that it was a stupid question.  'I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to come out like that.  I just want to know what I said.'

'Nothing,' Courtney sniffed.  'Can I be on my own?'

'I'm not leaving you here in this state,' I insisted, sitting next to her on the bench.  'I know I've said something and I don't want to have made you cry.'

'I really don't want to talk about it,' Courtney said, trying to stop the flow of tears.

'Well I do,' I said firmly, 'now tell me what I've said.'

'It's not what you have said, it's what you haven't said,' Courtney said, a hint of anger edging her voice.  'I don't see why Elizabeth gets all the credit and praise for saving Lucas's life when I tried just as hard as her to help.  I was just too late.'

'I didn't realise you felt that way,' I said, putting my hand gently on my friend's shoulder.  'Why didn't you say anything to me?'

'Because I would sound like a spoilt child who hasn't got the attention they wanted.  I don't want to be one of those girls.'

'You could never be one of those girls.'  

'Then why did you thank Elizabeth and not me?'

I suppose I thanked Elizabeth because I hadn't expected her to save Lucas.  I always thought she despised us when all she really wanted was to fit in.  I know you are naturally good and kind-hearted, the action you took in trying to find the antidote for Lucas fits in with your character.  I'm sorry I took that kind nature for granted, I shouldn't have done that.  I was just so happy to have Lucas back I forgot to thank the people closest to me.  Will you accept my apology?'

'Of course,' Courtney sniffed.  'Just remember for next time.'

'I will, I promise,' I responded, hugging her.  'But hopefully you won't have to try and save Lucas's life again so I won't have to remember to thank you.'

'You never know,' Courtney said, giggling a little.  'Never say never.'

The End

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