Not Even A ThankyouMature


I listened happily as Aislinn talked animativaly about her ideas for mine and Alex's weddings. "And their is the bridesmaids and the flowergirls to think about and all sorts of other things." She grinned at me. I let my mind wonder, thinking about everything that had happened and everything that was about to happen, it was all going so quickly.

"What do you think to that idea Courtney?" Aislinn asked me, "Sorry what?" I hadn't been paying attention. "Elizabeth could be a flowergirl at your wedding?" "mmm" I said in agreement. Lucas strode over to the group and wrapped his arms around Aislinn, "Hello Mrs Lucas." he said jokingly before kissing her. "What are you three gossiping about?" he asked Aislinn. She put on a pretend shocked face, "Gossiping, Never ever, we are discussing important wedding plans which are top secret." she smiled at him. "I'll just go then shall I?" Aislinn nodded and she giggled as he turned and went to talk to Nathanial.

After a few more minutes Elizabeth came over and asked what we were talking about. "Just wedding plans" Aislinn said, "We are trying to think of something for you to do as a way of a thankyou" Aislinn said warmly to Elizabeth. "Thanks again ever so much for saving Lucas" Aislinn said pulling her into a hug.

At this I turned and fled the hall, tears were streaming down my face, I knew I was being silly but there was a silly little thought in the back of my head that had been niggling away at me all day. All anyone could seem to talk about was how Elizabeth had saved Lucas, and part of me was thankful that she had but the other half of me hated the fact that no-one had even thanked me for trying to save him. I knew it wasn't the same as actually saving him but I had tried and my heart was full of good intentions.  Not even my friends, not even Lucas or Aislinn had thanked me for trying so hard to get antidote for Lucas. They seemed to just dismissed my efforts with a wave of their hands. To them Elizabeth had done the saving not me.

I headed out the castle and into the grounds to the small bench under the willow tree, lifted my knees upto my chest and let the tears roll steadily down my cheeks.

The End

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