Learning The TruthMature


I woke to sounds of rain on the rooftop, It had been raining heavily that night and droplets of rain were splashed on the window. I climbed out of bed and opened the curtain to a gloomy outlet.

There was a soft tap on my door and Bartholomew's voice called out "Its me, my lady are you awake?" I called back "Yes, come in I am awake." The door opened and Bartholomew entered fully dressed and carrying a cup of tea and an apple in his hand. He placed them gently onto my bedside table, "For you my good lady." "Bartholomew please you have known me long enough now, you can address my by my name" I said smiling warmly at Bartholomew.

It was true that I had known Bartholomew for as long as I could remember and he was like a dear uncle to me, however he still insisted on calling me My Lady.

"Thank you for the drink and apple Bartholomew it is much apprieciated" I said as he made to leave.


Just then there was a knock on Bartholomew front door and he hurried downstairs to answer it, I stayed upstairs and started to drink my tea, and took a bite from the apple until the voice from the door made me freeze. It was Nathaniel.

"Good Morning dear sir, may I enquire as to whether a young lady by the name of Courtney is staying here?" He said as politely as ever. "You two better come in" Bartholomew said.

Bartholomew climbed up the stairs and into the room, "Two young gentleman to see you Courtney" he said leading me downstairs.

As Nathaniel caught sight of me we almost ran to eachother and grabbed each other into a hug. "I'm sorry" I sobbed "I couldn't get an antidote for Lucas, is he dead?" Nathaniel pulled out of the hug and looked at me, he was smiling. "Lucas is fully recovered" he said beaming down at me "Elizabeth, gave him some antidote." I looked at him as if he had two heads, "Elizabeth are you sure?"

"Yes!" he said a grin playing on his face. When Bartholomew has strode away, Nathaniel whispered "Who's he?" his tone was tinted with slight displeasure. "Bartholomew" I called "Yes, My Lady" he said pottering over to me "What did I say?" I gave him a stern look which turned into a laugh halfway through. "Sorry, yes Courtney?" he corrected. "Allow me to introduce to you Prince Aiden Windlord and my fiance Nathaniel Firebrand." He bowed deeply and graciously to the pair and then apologied as he had to open up shop. I hugged him goodbye and promised that I would visit him again next time I was in Damby.

When Bartholomew had left, Nathaniel asked me what relation to me Bartholomew was,  I said " Bartholomew is a man I have known all my life and he is like an uncle to me." Nathaniel nodded in realisation and then pressed his lips firmly against mine before whispering in my ear, "Come Home my love"




The End

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