I couldn't believe it. That idiot had drank the poison and ruined my plans. Now I will have to lie low for a while before I made her next move. My plans had been slowed down, stalled, all because of one little change of place. Well, this time I will make my plan foolproof. And so as not to raise suspicion I will lay the blame on someone else. And I know just who to blame.

I walked out of the servants' quarters. No one paid attention to me, which is just how I like it. As I neared the towers where the nobles' rooms were, I stopped and looked around. No one at the windows, no one in the courtyard. I pulled out my pouch and cast a powder into the air. I raised her hand in front of my face but I couldn't see it. Perfect. 

I strolled into the tower and began to walk up the staircase. But as I walked I heard some noise. It was the crown prince and his servant. I stayed at one side of the staircase, but the fools insisted on using the whole thing. Aiden bumped into me and looked around, but apparently he assumed it was something else because he continued walking. I came to the top of the stairs and peered into the rooms until I found the one I wanted. I peered around the vanity and found a handkerchief with an E embroidered on it. Slipping it into my pocket I left the room. Sad. She was just beginning to gain their trust. It would be so much harder when she fell.

The End

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