A Walk In The GardenMature


Every day Lucas grew stronger until four days after he had been given the antidote he was up on his feet and walking around.

'Please let me outside,' he pleaded.  'I'm sick of only looking at these four walls, I need some fresh air.'

'Lucas, someone has tried to kill you.  You should spend some more time in bed, you need to rest.  I don't want to think I'm going to lose you again.'

'I think I've had enough rest to last me a life time.  All I'm asking for is a little walk in the gardens, it's warm outside and I'll let you hold my hand to make sure I don't collapse.'

'Alright then, if it'll stop you whining,' I said, taking his hand and allowing him to lead me out the door.  'But not for long.  You don't want to have too much exercise at once.'

'For God's sake stop nagging woman,' Lucas said jovially.  'You'll be the death of me.'

'It's my job to nag you,' I said, squeezing his arm affectionately, 'I'm your wife now, remember.'

'Of course,' he said, a smile lighting up his face.

The sun felt good on my face as I stepped outside and I took in a deep breath of fresh air.  It did feel nice to be in an open space after being confined to Lucas's room for the last few days.

'See, I told you going outside would be good,' Lucas said, slightly smug that he had proved himself right.

'Alright then.  I suppose you were right this time.'

We walked around the gardens for a while, Lucas leaning on me.  I liked supporting him, it felt like he still needed me.  Having to look after him had clearly made me find my motherly side and I wasn't sure I wanted to let it go just yet, I was enjoying being needed.

'Aislinn!  Lucas!'  Alexandria called out to us, waving and hurrying towards us.  'So good to see you two, it feels like you've disappeared off the edge of the earth, I've hardly seen you.  Are you feeling better Lucas?'

'Much better, thanks Alexandria.  But Aislinn here still insists on treating me like an invalid.'

'I only want to take care of you,' I said, cuddling up to him.  'Where are the others?'  I asked Alex.  'I haven't seen any of them since the wedding.'

'Yes, I have something to tell you,' Alexandria said.  'Courtney disappeared, the night you were poisoned Lucas, we think she went to find an antidote.  She didn't tell anyone and Nathaniel was going crazy not knowing where she was so he's set off with Aiden to find her.'

'When did they go?'

'A few days ago.  I would have told you but I didn't want to burden you when Lucas still needed to get better.'

'I feel so guilty,' Lucas said, stunned.  'I've caused so much trouble-'

'It's not your fault you were poisoned,' I insisted.  'Courtney can look after herself.  God help anyone who tries to hurt her!'

The End

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