I was dancing round my room, happy as I think I could ever be. There was a knock on my door.

"Come in!" Aiden entered and I ran to him. He kissed me, then looked gravely  in to my eyes.

"My love, I am going with Nathaniel to find Courtney. We will bring her back, and then I will formally propose to you and make you mine forever." I smiled.

"Courtney is still gone? But you must let me come with you, I miss her."

"No my love, you must stay and prepare your parents for the announcement. I do believe they have given up all hope of us getting married."

"Very well, although you know that I will miss you."

"Strangely, that makes me happy."


"Because I will miss you too."

I kissed him again, then went to my drawer. I took out my favourite ring with a length of twine. I slid the ring on to twine and returned to Aiden. I tied the twine around his neck.

"Here, a charm to keep you safe so that you'll come back to me."

"I wouldn't keep away." He kissed me again and then left. I spun round until I collapsed on my bed. I felt I was going crazy with love, I was drunk on life.

Aiden made my world, and I never thought anyone could make me feel this way. Then I suddenly remembered Logan. My other life. My other world. Would I go back there? I didn't want to, everything here was so much better. But was it my place.

I lay on my bed and deliberated over what life I would choose, if I had the choice that is.

The End

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