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The next morning, the sun streamed through the window and touch the wooden floorboards, casting them in a delightfully warm glow. I stirred in my bed and slowly rise, pushing the sheets aside, I looked beside me to find an empty space in this spacious bed. Soon, Alexandria would occupy that place beside me. My heart skipped several beats as I thought about it. The night that Alexandria told me she wanted to marry me, the sky came crashing down on me. I couldn't believe my ears as her delicate mouth murmured those words I've been wanting to hear ever since I arrived at her castle: I love you.

I smiled and pulled on my clothes, examining my expression before the mirror. I opened the windows to greet the fresh morning, suddenly I felt very grateful for everything that had happened so far.

For one, Lucas, he had been poison and was in a dire situation until somebody slipped the antidote to him. I later learned it to be Elizabeth, I guess I judged her unfairly. Lucas was fine right now and he had a lovely wife by his side. I opened the drawer and found the cushioned black box in it.

I took out the box and opened the lid, the sun stroke the diamond in the ring making a dance of light around me. I heard a soft knock on the door, hastily I closed the lid and put the box back in the drawer.

Nathaniel's figure stepped into the room, there was a small smile in his face, a smile full of worry and concern. Something was wrong. "Good morning, Aiden," Nathaniel said, arriving to my side and looking out the window. "How are you this fair morning?"

"I am very good thank you," I replied with a frown on my face, "are you alright?"

"Yeah," Nathaniel said and rocked in his place, "what were you doing?"

"I want to propose to Alexandria the right way," I said smiling, "not hidden outside in the garden being the stars our witnesses. I want the whole kingdom to know we will be happily together."

Nathaniel gave me a distant nod, as if he wasn't really listening.

"Are you certain you are alright?" I asked, eyeing him with curiosity, "is something wrong with Lucas?"

"No," Nathaniel replied quickly, "not Lucas, he is very well now."

"Then?" my voice sounded imperative.

"It is Courtney," he murmured, "she hasn't come back since yesterday."

"Where is she? I believe she said something about looking for Lucas' antidote, that would be needless now, she can come back."

"That is the problem Aiden," Nathaniel's voice rang with concern, "she doesn't know it yet and I'm worry about her well-being. She hasn't been gone so long and alone, I should've gone with her."

"Nathaniel, you are fussing," I tried to calmed him, "I am sure she will be alright and perhaps she is on her way back. Just give her some time," I saw the uncertain nod once again, "let's do something, if she isn't back by midday then we will make a search party after her. Any idea as to where she might've gone?"

"To an apothecary," Nathaniel said, washed in relief, "that must be the most logical place to go. Your idea sounds great, thanks you Aiden. I have to excuse myself from your former proposal tonight, I want to make sure Courtney makes it alright."

"Nonsense!" I said, "there won't be any formal proposal tonight, not when two of our friends are missing from such an important event for Alexandria and me."

"But Aiden, you can't wait any longer for this wedding," Nathaniel seemed adamant in me proposing tonight, "you've waited too long for this."

"I can wait a bit longer," I replied, "I really want all my friends to witness it."

Nathaniel mouthed a thank you and both of us exited my chamber, waiting for midday to see if Courtney was back, if not the search party would be assembled. I walked down the hallway in hopes of seeing Alexandria before I had to galloped out to find Courtney.

The End

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