I'm In Your DebtMature


Happiness.  Even this word is too small to describe the joy I felt when I woke up the morning after my wedding to see colour restoring itself in Lucas's cheeks.  The only explanation the doctors could think of was that someone must have given him the antidote, and I had a suspicion I knew who it was.

Leaving Lucas asleep in his bed, I walked briskly down the corridors towards the other end of the palace.  I knocked on what I hoped was the right door, my heart in my mouth.  I was relieved when the door opened and I saw the face I was expecting.

'Aislinn?'  Elizabeth said, surprised.  'Is everything OK?  What are you doing here?'

'I wanted to thank you.'

'What for?'  Elizabeth said, trying to be nonchalant but failing.

'I know it was you who gave Lucas the antidote.  Who else could it have been?  You were the one who told me my father wanted to speak to me, but when I found him he hadn't said anything to you.  That was the only time I was out of my room all last night and only you, Alexandria and Aiden knew I wasn't there.'

'It might have been one of them?  Why do you think it was me?'

'If Alex or Aiden had known how to cure Lucas they would have spoken to me.  I can understand why you would want to let everyone else know it was you, and I respect that.  I won't tell the others you gave Lucas the antidote.  I just wanted you to know that I am forever in your debt and if there is any way I can repay you then say so, I'll do whatever I can to help.'

I turned to leave, walking back along the corridor the way I had come, glad I had got that off my chest.  I didn't like being in debt to someone, especially when they had done something as big as saving Lucas's life.

'Wait Aislinn.'  Elizabeth took my arm, making me turn to face her.  'Thank you for not telling Alex about what I did, I really appreciate that, but there is something you might be able to do for me.'


'Can you tell Alexandria that I want to start again.  I want to fit in with you and your friends.'

'Of course,' I said, glad that Elizabeth had finally admitted that she wanted to fit in.  'I'll speak to Alexandria next time I see her.  But I should be getting back to Lucas, I don't want him to wake up and find me gone.'

'I understand.  I'll see you around?'

'Of course.'  I smiled warmly at her before turning around and walking back down the corridor.

The End

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