Lucas improvingMature

Aislinn ran to me the next day as I paced around the courtyard.

"Alex, Lucas is getting better!"

"What? Aislinn, you can't just say that, you have to consult..."

"...A doctor, I know. He says someone has slipped Lucas the antidote or something."

"What... but... no one's been in his room..."

"They must have been in while I went to my father last night."

"This... this is incredible."

"I know!" She danced joyfully and then stopped. "I'd better get back to him." She left. I laughed in disbelief. This was too strange.

"I love that laugh." I spun round to find Aiden there. "Good morning." He came a kissed me softly.

"Morning. Did you hear?"

"Lucas is better?"

"Getting better. Oh it's so good."

"Yes. Now everything will be back to normal."

"Well, not quite. We are engaged after all."

"Of course." He wrapped his arms round my waist and picked me up.

"Aiden! Aiden what are you doing? Put me down!" I giggled. He kissed me and set me on a stool.

"You have to let me propose properly in front of everyone at some point you know."

"Can we wait, at least until Lucas is fully recovered? Then I won't feel bad."

"Of course." We kissed again. Someone coughed. We broke apart to see Nathaniel.

"Excuse my interruption, but Courtney is gone."

"Gone? Where?"

"I think she's gone home. Her father knows someone who specialises in potions and the like. I believe she may be trying to save Lucas."

"But he's already saved!"


"Well she will be back soon. She's an experienced rider, she should be fine. Nathaniel, you mustn't worry so much, she'll return soon."

He bowed and left.

The End

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