Unneeded AntidoteMature


The service was beautiful and Aislinn was glowing dispite the fact that she knew what would happen in a few days. I held onto Nathaniel's hand and he squeezed it tight when I thought I was going to cry.

We left the newly married couple just after 11, it was heartbreaking to think that in just a few days Aislinn would not be married anymore and Lucas would be dead. "Its not fair!" I said wiping my eyes "After all they have been through to be together and now this!" Nathaniel pulled me lovingly into a hug and kissed the top of my head affectionatly."Try and get some sleep my darling" Nathaniel said before leaving me outside my bedroom. But sleep was the last thing on my mind. The city of Damby was about 3 days ride and when I have been on visits with my father,  a friend of my fathers who lives in Damby specialises in all different potions and antidotes. "Will Lucas last long enough for me to get to Damby, get the antidote and come back though" I wondered allowed. I have  to try!

I grabbed my saddle bag from the wardrobe and placed a few essentials into it; Blankets, Food, Change of Clothes and zipped it up before hiding it under my bed. I'd wait until midnight then I could be sure that everyone was asleep. I didnt want to worry anyone so I decided against leaving a note, I could hear Alexandria's voice in my head saying to me "Don't go, you wont get back in time, lets just make his last few days the best they can be." I wouldnt let myself be talked out of doing this.

There was a soft tap on my bedroom door, I opened it to find Alex stood there with Aiden by her side. Her eyes were still red from crying as were mine if i was being honest. "I'm off to bed" she said in a sad voice, "we have just been trying to find out who poisoned Lucas but it is useless." said Aiden sadly

It was at that moment, i noticed the glittering ring on Alex's finger, and grabbed her hand to get a closer look. "Wow" was all I could say "I suppose congratulations is in order guys " I said smiling weakly at them. I was pleased for them but I was still really upset about Lucas, he was my friend and he was dying and Alex and Aiden decided to get engaged. Still I suppose saying that is like calling the kettle black as I too was engaged.

I hugged the pair goodnight and shut the door breathing deeply. When the clock struck midnight I crept as silently as I could out of the castle and towards the stables. I saddled up Alcina and galloped into the night, ready for the long ride to Damby City.

What I didnt know is that someone in the castle had already given Lucas some antidote and that person was Elizabeth - the very last person I thought would care, and as i rode into the night not knowing that the antidote would be unneeded I thought to myself - I do hope Lucas can hold on for long enough!


The End

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