I watched from a distance as Aislinn cradelled an unmoving Lucas in her arms, tears were starting to fall. Why couldn't one night go right. I made my way through the crowd with Nathaniel in tow and knelt down next to Aislinn. "I dont know whats wrong with him" she sobbed. A couple of servents made their way through the crowd and lifted Lucas onto a stretchure and took him away.

"Why can't just one night go right!" she sobbed into my shoulder as I pulled her into a tight hug. Alexandria made her way through the crowd and Aislinn, Alexandria, Nathanial and I all made our way out the hall and up the stairs, towards where Lucas had been taken.

The bed Lucas was laid on was hidden by a cream curtain which hid him from view, we all made our way through the curtains and a fresh wave of sobs could be heard from Aislinn.

She placed her hand on Lucas's hand and moved her thumb lovingly across his hand. "He's cold" she said looking back at us.

Just then a doctor came hurrying through the curtains and catching sight of the four of us stood there, he took off his glasses and put on a solumn face. "Miss Skydance?" he asked. Aislinn looked up and asked quickly "Is he dead?"

The doctor skimmed over the notes on his clipboard then looked up and replied, "No, but unfortuantly he has been subjected to a high dosage of poison, unfortuatly the cure for this sort of poison takes a month to make and I hate to tell you that he has only a few days left to live if that."

At this Aislinn's shoulders shook violently and I pulled her into a hug. "Doctor, will he wake up?" I asked, I could feel tears in my eyes to and I rubbed my eyes to stop them falling, I needed to be strong for Aislinn. "Oh yes, he'll wake up, he is mearly sleeping at the moment, but you will get to say your goodbye's before he goes."

Aislinn was still crying into my shoulder, she wailed "I'm meant to be getting married to him!." 

"Miss Skydance" the doctor said, making her turn around and wipe the tears from her eyes, "Yes?" she sniffed. "There is such a thing as a deathbed wedding which can be arranged if you wish?"

Aislinn looked at each one of us in turn before turning back to the doctor and nodding slowly.  Lucas stirred in his sleep.

The End

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