The First VictimMature


I felt like a princess as I sat at the table at the top of the hall, usually only reserved for the royal family, Lucas at my side.  There was nothing that could stop me from smiling.  Alexandria had been so kind, organising the grandest ball I had ever seen, and everyone was enjoying themselves.

'I don't belong here,' Lucas said in amazement, watching the people dancing in front of him.  'I should be the one serving the guests, not being one myself.

'But you are wrong,' I said, holding his hand under the table.  'You do belong here.  You are my knight in shining armour and I wouldn't want you anywhere else but right here next to me.'

'I'm so happy you said that.'  Lucas squeezed my hand tightly and smiled at me.  'Because I can't think of anywhere else I would rather be.'

'A drink my lady,' I saw a tray of drinks appear in between Lucas and me and I took one.  'My lord.'  Lucas nodded his head towards the servant then took a drink.

'Thank you,' Lucas said as the servant continued down the table.  'I don't think I'm going to get used to that,' Lucas said, still smiling.  'It feels strange.'

'You'll get used to it, I promise.  Here's to us,' I said, raising my glass.

'To us,' Lucas responded, tapping his goblet against mine and drinking.  'I love you,' he said, kissing me lightly on the lips.  I could taste the wine on them.  'And now, I think we should dance.'  He stood up and bowed flamboyantly, offering his hand.  'May I have this dance my lady.'

'You may,' I said, struggling not to laugh at the expression on Lucas's face.

The room applauded as Lucas and I walked out onto the dance floor, which cleared until we were the only two people on it.

'Everyone is watching is,' I whispered, feeling very exposed.

'It doesn't matter anymore,' Lucas whispered back as he took me in his arms.  'Let them look all they want.'

The music started and we began to dance, moving elegantly around the dance floor, my dress trailing on the floor, my loose hair flying out behind me as we span.  Nothing could have made this moment more perfect.  I was in the arms of the man I loved, my friends were smiling at me from the high table and no one, not even my father, could take this moment away from me.

Then Lucas missed his footing, stumbling.

'Are you alright?'  I asked, concerned when I saw his face had turned a deathly shade of grey.  'Lucas I think we should stop.'  I stopped dancing and Lucas staggered to a stop beside me.

'I feel strange,' he said, clasping his head.  'Like there are knives sticking into my head and the whole world is spinning.'  He staggered backwards and fell to the ground.  The whole room gasped and began to murmur to each other as I dropped to my knees and held Lucas's head in my lap.

'What's happening to you?'  I said, stroking his hair away from his face.

'Aislinn,' Alexandria said as she rushed to my side.  'What's wrong with Lucas?'

'I don't know.  One minute he was fine and now he says he feels strange, like knives stabbing him he said.'

'Look at me Aislinn,' Lucas said, his words slurred like he'd had too much to drink, a hand turning my face towards his.  'I love you, never forget that.'

'Why are you talking like that Lucas?  It's not like you're dying, you're just sick.  You'll get better.'

'I know,' he said, his voice growing weaker.  'But I just want you to know.'  He leaned upwards and kissed me again before sliding back to floor, his eyes closed.

The End

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