The NightMature


I smoothed down the creases of my dark suit and pushed my hair back with my hands. I rubbed my forearm, with the newly wrapped bandage on it and looked out at the clear night sky. It was a beautiful night for an engagement party, it couldn't have been better. I looked at myself in the long mirror and studied my complexion. I had grown in person and I hope Alexandria could see the sudden changes that were ocurring to me.

A soft knock brought me back from my wanderings, I turned to see who had entered my chambers. It was Nathaniel, who looked very handsome and composed in his suit, his smile was radiant and full of joy and accomplishment.

"You are engaged!" I exclaimed, opening my arms to receive him in a warm embrace. It was a quick hug, with several pats on each other's back. "Can't believe you are marrying before I do," I said, trying to sound comical.

"Thanks, my friend," Nathaniel said, he laughed, "what are you talking about? Alexandria will marry you in no time!"

"I wish," I replied, a note of sadness in my voice. But I wiped it away, it was not time to be in a depressed or sad state. I was happy Alexandria had accepted to get to know me better rather than shun me away. Tonight it wasn't about me, it was about the engagements of our friends.

The door opened once again, revealing Lucas. He had the widest grin I've ever seen on him. "Hello, Prince Aiden, Nathaniel," he greeted with a bow.

"Don't." I half ordered, going to him and taking him by the shoulder, "don't bow to friends. We are all friends and I appreciate friends calling me Aiden."

"I cannot thank you enough for what you did for us, Aiden," Lucas said, "we really appreciate it, if there is anything we can do for you, anything. I will be happy to be at your service."

"You are my knight now," I said importantly, "your duty is to protect the virtue of good men and ensure peace throughout my kingdom. Take care of your lovely wife and honour her. That will make any prince proud of his knights."

I embraced Lucas briefly and looked at him. "Ready for the big night?" I asked. The lively chat from downstairs had reached our ears, a call for us to make our way downstairs and meet our partners.

"Nervous?" I asked both of them. They nodded.

We opened the door and walked over to the grand staircase, I walked down the stairs and people started to clap. I raised my hands and silently asked them to stop, this was not my night, I wouldn't take away the applause reserved for my two friends. I stood at the base of the staircase and smiled back at them, I mingled with the crowd, waiting for my beautiful Alexandria to make her entrance. For a slight moment I felt guilty with already claiming her as mine, but I couldn't help it. Just then, I saw her descend, beautiful as always, dressed in her best satin dress and with some jewellery.

Most importantly, there were traces of happiness all over her face, which made me smile.

The End

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