Elizabeth: Hidden agendaMature

News of the engagement spread fast, made all the more exciting by the fact that it was a double engagement. Not only had Lord Skydance now forgiven Lucas, he was prepared to welcome him into the family! However, the cherry on the cake had to be when Nathaniel proposed to Courtney. Oh yes, that was...adorable.

I glared at myself in the mirror, absolutely fuming. The engagement party was tonight and I had a good mind to ruin it. I no longer cared about being sneaky, I just wanted them to suffer. All of my arduous work, gone down the drain, and for what? A servant to marry one of the most sought after ladies in all of the kingdom and a guy who practically worshipped the ground Aiden walked on declaring his love for Alexandria's stalker.

The mask I had purchased especially lay on the wooden table in front of me, the tiny black jewels glittering under the light. It was an exquisite mask, one that hinted at hidden agendas. It was black all over, shaped to fit the contours of one's face with a lustrous black feather attached to the side. It made me briefly think of a fallen angel perhaps, beautiful yet deadly.

I had chosen a simple black dress to match, one that clung to my figure in all of the right places. I had plaited strands of my hair, entwining them with glossy black ribbon that contrasted sharply against my pale colouring. Placing the mask onto my face, I smiled sardonically to myself in the mirror. A pair of sharp blue eyes stared straight back at me, piercing and dangerous.

I had chosen this particular dress for a reason. A thick band of black ribbon tied around my waist allowed the perfect hiding place for objects you didn't wish others to see. Right now for instance, a small vial was clasped to my hip completely concealed. Running my fingers briefly over the glass bottle, I breathed deeply and headed downstairs.


The End

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