Rain on Your ParadeMature

"Hurry up kitchen girl!"

"I want those rolls over here pronto!"

Anyone else would have been annoyed, but I keep my cool. Soon they would suffer anyway, so why waste my time? However, I could resist making the four tier cake they spent so long making fall on top of their misshapen heads. While the bakers wailed I grabbed a tray of goblets and slipped out unnoticed.

I walked around, making sure it looked almost aimless and keeping  straying hands away from my cargo. I finally made it to the head of the table. This was where the royalty sat. The king and queen were at the very front so the princess should be at the right of them. The fools. They should change up their positions so this kind of thing wouldn't be so predictable. At least they had someone guard their places. But he was no match for my powers. I managed to convince him that attempting to flirt with the nobles was better than watching plates of food. As he left I threw some powder on his back to make sure he forgot I ever existed or that the idea to exercising his almost nonexistent courting skills was his own.

I eyed the crystal goblet on the table. And now for the tricky part. I looked around. No one seemed to be watching. I took a glass dropper out of my pouch carefully dripped a single drop into the cup.

One drop. That was all it took to end someone's life.

I slipped the vial back into my pocket, knowing fully well that I had just rained on their parade. But as I left I thought, "Who doesn't like the rain?"

The End

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