Before The BallMature


Nothing was going to bring me down from the high state of euphoria that I was in, not even Alexandria's plan for an engagement party for me and Courtney.  For once I was going to be able to dance in the arms of my lover and not have to hide it.

I was grateful for what Aiden had done for Lucas, for both of us.  I wanted to thank him in some way but had no idea what I could do.  He wouldn't accept our gratitude so I would have to find some other way of thanking him.

'I'm so pleased for you,' Alexandria said later when I was pinning the front strands of my hair off my face as I was preparing for the ball, Lucas's beautiful engagement ring sparkling on my finger.

'But it shouldn't be my engagement we're celebrating, it should be yours.'

'Don't start Aislinn,' Alexandria said, only half jokingly.  'Tonight is for you and Lucas and Courtney and Nathaniel, you are the special ones.'

'I still feel bad,' I said, pinning tiny roses into my hair.  'You're the princess, you should be married before me.'

'When it's Aiden I'm meant to be marrying I definitely shouldn't be married before you.  I don't want to marry him.'

'But he's been so considerate and has been so good to me and Lucas.  Even you must have seen the nicer side to him that he's been showing today.'

'I have, but is that really enough to make me change my mind?'

'Only you can tell me that,' I said, standing up from the stool in front of the dressing table and turning towards the full length mirror to make sure my dress was still perfect.  'Just re-consider.  You never know, he might be the right man for you.'

'You're not nagging her about Aiden again are you?'  Courtney asked as she came to stand behind me and look in the mirror.

'I was just pointing out that he might not be such bad marrying material as Alex might think.  That's all.'

'I've noticed your point,' Alex said, coming to stand on the other side of Courtney so we were all looking in the mirror.  'I'll think about it.'

'Good,' I said, smoothing down the beautiful blue fabric of my dress, admiring the embroidered web of flowers on the bodice as I prepared to go downstairs and make my grand entrance to my engagement party.  'You two ready to go?'


The End

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