Aiden's performance with the whole business showed me the ruler that he could be, something which I found I respected more than I thought I did. In fact, as I looked at him now I felt I almost loved him.

I was shocked at this revelation, and immediately distracted myself by announcing there had to be an engagement party. Another proposal followed, Nathanial getting down on one knee and proposing to Courtney was so obviously going to happen. I cheered and immediately grabbed both the girls to talk. But I couldn't help glancing at Aiden first. He caught my eye and smiled, bowed his head slightly and then turned to congratulate Nathanial and Lucas.

I dragged Courtney and Aislinn away.

"Ladies, there are to be no arguments. An engagement party is happening for both of you tonight."

"Alexandria, really, how will you organise..?"

"Easily, don't you worry. Now go and find your nicest dresses, and if I don't think your choice is suitable when I get up there I will have new ones made as a gift." They gasped but I pushed them away before they could argue. Then I ran to get things organised.

The End

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