Double EngagementMature


I could see Lord Skydance's face was considering, eyeing up Lucas before bowing to Lucas and submitting "I misjudged you sir and for that I apologize." He turned to his daughter and said "When I read your letter I realised how unfair and controlling I was being, you do not have to marry any Duke, If Lucas is your beloved then he has my permission to have your hand in marriage." Everyone cheered as Lord Skydance held his hand out for Lucas to shake and he took it graciously. He then turned to Aislinn pulled a small box from inside his jacket, before taking hold of Aislinn's hand and going down on one knee.

"My Beloved Aislinn will you take my hand in marriage?" Aislinn's eyes lit up and she almost screamed "Yes, of course I will marry you!" she bend down and kissed him passionately. I could see she had tears of joy coming from her eyes and a smile was fixed onto her face.

I clapped loudly with the rest making my over to Alexandria who was clapping and wooping next to a now bandaged Aiden. "I am so glad it has worked out for them, to think we almost lost a good friend and now everything has been sorted out."

As the cheers died away, I saw Lucas make his way over to Aiden and hold a hand out to him "Thankyou" he said shaking hands with Aiden. I looked at Alexandria and I swear I could see her respect for Aiden growing now and there seemed to be a glimmer of hope for the couple.

"I think we need an engagement party" Alexandria shouted over more clapping and cheers that had followed Aiden and Lucas' handshake.  I saw Aislinn turn red at this anouncement and she started to mime "Noooo" frantically towards Alexandria, but of course Alexandria wouldn't let a big event like an engagement go without a celebration.

"Then you better make it a double engagement party Alexandria" Nathanial said. I instantly turned to stare at Nathanial with a very confused look. My first thought was that Aiden was going to propose to Alexandria again but I was wrong.

Everything went completely silent, even the birds seemed to stop tweeting as Nathaniel walked towards me, taking my hands gently and swaying them from side to side. He looked lovingly into my eyes, and then it hit me. He knelt down and pulled out a little black box from the inside his jacket pocket and opened it. "Courtney, Will you marry me?"

The light from the sun seemed to glitter spectacually of the diamond encrusted ring that was being presented to me. I stammered "Y..yes." 

His soft lips touched mine before I could say anymore, and my whole body tingled, my ears filled with cheers and claps which all merged into a loud din. I never wanted our lips to part.

The End

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