Elizabeth: Guilty conscienceMature

Lord Skydance had the small slip of paper in his trembling hands. He must have read it at least three times and right now he looked at me with complete fury.

'She's done what?!'

'I didn't like to betray her like this, but I thought you ought to know. After all, anything could happen to her,' I replied innocently.

'Where did you find this?' His face was slowly turning a deep shade of red and I sensed this was just the beginning.

'In Alexandria's room,' I spoke too quickly but as soon as I said the words, I mentally cursed myself. 'I was looking for her, and I found this flat out. I didn't mean to read but I saw her name on it and I thought she might be in danger.'

'Thank you for telling me Elizabeth, but there will be hell to pay with that girl. You may leave.'

I gave a small courtesy before exiting the room. When I was outside, I allowed myself a small smile, ignoring the sinking feeling in my stomach. Aislinn was going to get in a lot of trouble for this, that much was obvious. I wasn't quite sure if I liked this. I mean, I had spent virtually my whole time here plotting and scheming ways to get my revenge on those three girls and now that the perfect opportunity had presented itself, I found myself half regretting what I had done.

The End

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