Is It That Simple?Mature


'I do not want to listen to your orders anymore.  I know you are only trying to help but I'm sick of taking orders from you, your parents, my father.  Everyone has had control over me so I haven't been able to do anything I want.'

'But if you come back with us I will be able to help you,' Alexandria insisted.  'I will make Lucas a knight, give him some land so your father will not be able to argue with you and say you can't marry him.'

'But we don't need that,' I said.  'All Lucas and I want is each other.  We don't need fancy titles or money or power or position in order to be happy.'

'But I need you,' Alexandria said, taking hold of my hands and clasping them tightly.  'We all do.  We can't live without you.'

'You're a princess, you're never going to be without friends.'

'But I don't want those friends.  I want you.'

'Aislinn,' Lucas said softly, putting his hand on my shoulder so I turned to face him.  'You should go back with the princess.'

'Not without you,' I protested, taking hold of his hand.  'I'm not going to let us be separated ever again.'

'I'm not saying that we should be separated, I just think that we should go home and tell your father.  Tell him your mind is made up and there is nothing he can do to stop you from marrying me.'

'But once I'm back at court he will be able to control me again, he has power there and I don't.'

'I won't let him to that,' Alexandria said.  'I have more power than he does so I can order him to accept that you and Lucas are going to be married.'

'Is it really that simple?'  I asked, unsure what to do.

'I promise,' Alex said, hugging me.  'I will make it that simple.'

The End

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