It was awkward sleeping next to Aiden in the cabin. Technically, I should have slept with Courtney, but she seemed so intent on sleeping with her beloved Nathanial... so here we were. We both suggested that we put up a partition, and so up it went, and I felt more at ease. I drifted off before I knew it.

I dreamt of a beeping noise, steady and patient, of a strange clinical smell and of weeping noises. It disturbed me. This was how life was in the other world. How was I supposed to go back there if this awaited?

The next morning Aiden woke me with a mug of hot chocolate before we were to leave. I thanked him and gratefully let the warm substance fill me. Then we left, intent on catching up with Aislinn and Lucas.

We had not gone five miles when I saw them ahead. I broke in to a gallop, the others spreading out behind me and yelled as Aislinn put her foot in the stirrup.

"Aislinn! Stop!" I pulled up Destria as we reached them. The others cantered in behind me. "Aislinn, please you have to come back. You too Lucas."

"No Alexandria, I can't, they won't let us be together."

"They will when I'm through. Just come back before your honour..."

"You're too late for that I'm afraid." It felt like a slap in the face. Aislinn had given her honour before marriage.

"Aislinn, come back now."

"Is that a request?"

"No. It's an order." I felt harsh saying the words, but I had to solve this before she made a bigger mess. "Come with me, both of you."

The End

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