Early MorningMature


'Wake up my dear.'  Lucas's voice penetrated my bubble of sleep, drawing me out of my dreams and into the real world.  'We've got to keep moving.'

My eyes opened and the first thing I saw was Lucas's eyes looking down at me, his lips looking so inviting I had to sit up to kiss them.  Lucas's arms went around me, holding my body close against his and rolling so I was lying on top of him.

'We have to go,' he protested pathetically.  'Or we'll get caught.  Someone's going to have noticed you're missing by now.'

'But can't we have just five more minutes?'  I said, kissing him again and again, enjoying the freedom we had now we were out of the watchful eyes of Alexandria's court.

'I really want to,' Lucas groaned, fighting internally about what to do, 'but we have to keep walking.  As soon as we cross the border we can take as much time as we like.  We just have to get there first.'  He rolled me away, climbing out from under the blankets and grabbing his shirt from the branch where he had thrown it the night before.

'Are you sure we'll be safe across the border?'  I asked as I put my dress on over my underdress.  'Prince Aiden won't find us?'

'I highly doubt it.  We'll be able to hide out there and spend our lives together.  No one knows who we are so no one will judge us or question why we are together.  I promise you we will be alright.'  He walked over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me close against him.  'You do believe me, don't you?'

'Of course I do,' I said, squeezing him back.  'I trust you more than anyone else in the whole world.'

'Good, because I would hate to think you didn't trust me.'

'Would I have agreed to run away with you if I didn't trust you?  Would I have agreed to marry you?'

'But that was back when it seemed impossible, now it might actually happen and I thought you might... I don't know, change your mind.'

'I will never change my mind,' I said, kissing Lucas with every ounce of passion in my body.  'We're meant to be together Lucas.'

'So you don't regret last night?'  He asked bashfully.  'Losing something so precious, something that will ruin you in the eyes of Alexandria's court.'

'I regret nothing we have done.  If we love each other how can it be wrong?'

'You are right as always,' Lucas said, chuckling.  'Now we must get moving.'

It only took us moments to check the fire was extinguished, pack our blankets back into the saddlebags and be ready to leave.  I was preparing to mount Acapella, my foot in the stirrup when a shout brought me to a halt.

'Aislinn!  Stop!'

The End

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