The Abandoned CabinMature


The wind whisped through our hair as we rode into the night and we only stopped when we were unable to see a hand in front of our faces. We all slowed our horses down to a walk. "Now what do we do?" I asked "Our horses are tired and we can't see a thing out here." "There is a little abandoned cabin not far from here we can all sleep there until morning, its better then sleeping outside." Nathaniael said calmly taking the lead and waving at us to follow him. "How long is it to your kingdom Aiden?" Alexandria said a slight whine could be heard in her voice. "Its quite a distance yet princess so i suggest we get to this cabin as soon as possible, Its getting cold."

We reached the cabin within 10 minutes and found found a field nearby in which we could let our horses graze. I looked around the cabin in surprise, I was half expecting cobwebs and dirt and for it to be cold but it wasnt like that at all, It was warm and there was sofas? The floor were carpeted. "You wouldn't think it was abandoned." Nathanial looked sheepishly at me "erm.. well, I found this cabin and I got it decked out all nice for when Aiden and I have long horse journeys, it was mainly used in the summer when Aiden rode to see Alexandria all those years ago."

"Well at least its warm here" I said flopping down on the sofa and yawning slightly. Aiden walked in dragging behind him a heavy saddlebag, "I have brought some supplies, Hot Chocolate anyone?" From inside the saddle bag he had pulled out a large flask filled with Hot Chocolate and some mugs.

"Yes please" I said graciously accepting the mug of Hot Chocolate being offered to me and wrapping my hands around the mug to warm up. I had a mouthful of the warm drink and I immediatly felt warm and sleepy.

Nathanial walked around the cabin pulling closed some curtains and turning on lights. "You have electricity in here?" i said suprised, "Yeah, I have thought of everything for this place, its like a bungalow on the inside, we left the outside so that is looks deserted so that no-one would bother with it." I was really amazed by this "We even have a fully functional bathroom!" said Aiden with a smile pointing at a door that led to the bathroom. "Where does that door lead" I asked pointing at the door next to the bathroom, dont tell me you have a kitchen too!" Nathaniel just smiled at me "No!" i said before leaping up off the sofa and running through the door.

It was indeed a kitchen, complete with cooker, microwave, kettle and even a table. I walked back into the living room and took my seat back on the couch and finishing off my Hot Chocolate.

I was now getting really tired, "Its getting very late" i yawned. My yawn spread like a contagion around the rest of the group who yawned too. "Stand up please ladies" said Nathanial too Alex and I.

Reluctantly I stood up, my legs felt like they had already gone to sleep, "What are you both doing?" I moaned at Aiden and Nathanial who were messing around this the sofas. "These sofa fold out into beds" Nathanial said simply

After about 10 minutes the beds were set out, two double beds meaning I was to share with Nathaniel and Alexandria was to share with Aiden, something she didnt look too happy about. I climbed tiredly into bed snuggling up close to Nathaniel, who wrapped his arm around me and kissed the top of my head before whispering in my ear "Sweet Dreams, I love you."

The next morning I was ripped from a dream by Nathanial shaking my shoulder, "Time to get up i'm afraid, we have a long journey ahead of us." I rubbed my eyes and asked "What Time is it?" "Five am." I groaned and pulled the cover back over my head. Nathaniel laughed and kissed the top of my head before saying

"Come on, I'll make you a cup of tea."

The End

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