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We could not let anyone know that Aislinn had run off with Lucas, as it would ruin her reputation and she would never be accepted here again. Courtney and I slipped down the staircase that led to the stables, and I saddled my horse as she did hers.

"What are we going to do?" She asked, scared.

"We're going to find them, stop them and bring them back here, where I will knoght Lucas so that she can marry him and all this rubbish can stop."

She  smiled at me and jumped on her horse. I was about to mount mine when a voice sounded behind me.

"Running away again?" Nathanial had arrived.

"Not at all. Lucas and Aislinn have gone and we need to bring them back."

"Then may I suggest that I come with you? Only two women on their own at night are not the hardest of targets for bandits."

"We would appreciate your company." Nathanial smiled and strode to his horse. Aiden stepped out.

"What about mine?" I glared at Nathanial.

"Did you bring the entire court?"

"Just myself and Aiden Princess." I glanced back at Aiden.

"Come Aiden, you are welcome." He grinned and strode to his horse. Within minutes we were all riding on the road, searching for signs that Aislinn had gone this way. "Where would they go?" I asked.

"I have no idea." Courtney pondered, then snapped her fingers. "Lucas has relatives in Aiden's country, they may be heading there."

"It's a long shot if we're wrong." Aiden put in, although he turned his horse that way.

"It's the best shot we've got." We galloped off in to the night.

The End

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