The LetterMature


I trotted back up to the castle on Alcina with Nathaniel in tow, i was curious what was wrong with Ai that wasn't like her at all she usually would let me accompany her. But now her eyes were full of sorrow and I swear as we trotted away I had heard her say "Sorry" before kicking Acapella into a canter in the other direction. If I'd have known then what I do now i would have gone after her.

As we reached the stables Nathanial took my hand and I slid gracefully off Alicina. We put her back into her stable and after thanking her for the pleasant ride and fed her an apple as a treat,  I left arm in arm with Nathaniel.

We didn't say much as we walked back through the grounds, in fact come to think of it we didn't say anything until we reached the entrance to the palace where Nathaniel bid me farewell with a kiss and left.

I spent a boring afternoon doing my chores and was quite relieved when Alexandria returned as dusk drew in - there was still no sign of Aislinn's return yet.

"Did you have a good time Alexandria" i asked smiling at her, "I had a wonderful time, I just needed time to get to know Aiden better, he can be quite the gentleman when he puts his mind to it." We laughed then Alex said "And I believe that Nathaniel has got plans in store for you too!" I gave her a curious look, "Plans, what plans?" she smiled "Now that would be telling."

"Where is Aislinn?" Alexandria asked as we entered her bedroom, "I don't know, she said she needed to clear her head or something and needed time alone." Alexandria looked at me concern in her eyes. It was then we found the letter, neatly placed on Alexandria bedside table, on the front it said

To Alexandria & Courtney

I picked it up with fumbling hands, Alexandria watching me with her piercing green eyes. "Its from Aislinn" I said looking down at the signature at the bottom. "Read it" Alexandria ordered.


 Alexandra & Courtney,

I have left the kingdom with my beloved Lucas as we both feel that we cannot fit in here. I cannot live in fear of my father, and i refuse to marry a man i do not love and do not want to marry. You both have been amazing friends to me and i wish you both well for the future. Please do not try to find us

Your Friend Always Ailsinn Xx


Silent tears coursed down my cheeks as I finished reading the letter, I was shaking, I looked over at Alexandra who had silent tears coursing down her face too.

"We have to find her" Alexandria said wiping her eyes "We just have to!"



The End

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