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Its all my fault, I pressed Alex cold hands to my lips in a loving, almost painful manner. This time Nessie didn't approach or ask me to leave, which I was grateful for. Maybe it was because of the fact that we both would be banned from Alex's room, which neither of us wanted. We called it a truce for the night. I turn my eyes to Alex's unconscious face and caressed her smooth skin as if I've never done it before. Misery surged into my heart and I bit my lip to prevent me from sobbing. I had to be strong, for Alex.

"Please forgive me Alex," I whispered in her ear, "I didn't mean to hurt you, I still love you. Its my fault you are in this situation, if I hadn't been so rash and stupid... I could've spare you some tears and that painful smile in your face that will haunt me forever..." My lips trembled as a stray tear ran down my face and into her hand. "I am sorry..." My shoulders started to shake as I gave in to tears of misery and guilt.

A hand rested on my shoulder, it was Nessie. "Logan, this accident is not your fault. There is no one to blame for these kinds of things," Nessie voice came out soft and rather gentle and compassionate.

I sniffed and blinked the rest of the streaming tears away. I gave Alex one last loving kiss, the most important one I've ever given her. Then I stood up and turn to Nessie. "I am sorry for everything, I never meant to hurt you or Pippa or everybody else who was injured because of me," I pulled my lips into a smile. "I wish you well, and when Alex wakes up... don't tell her I was here." If she wakes up. I pushed the thought out of my mind. "Bye." I walked around Nessie, making my way out of the door.

"Logan, wait. Where are you going?" Nessie's voice sounded concerned.

I turn to her and forced a grin, "don't worry about me." I closed the door behind me and walked out of the hospital and into the cover of darkness the night provided me.


"I feel like we are children again," I commented looking up into the sky and seeing each passing cloud from where we lay on the soft grass. A joyful laugh resonated beside me, then a face appeared before me: Alexandria.

"Maybe because we are," she said, "that is how we became friends back then. We used to spend countless of times just laying on the ground and looking for shapes in the clouds, don't you remember?"

"I remember," I said softly. Alexandria had went through a change, I could notice that. Shee was more cheerful and less forgetful and disoriented as to where she was. She had given me a chance to prove myself worthy of her love and companionship and I plan to make her proud of who I was.

I pushed my body into a sitting position and looked down upon Alexandria. "Did you ever imagine we would end up like this?"

She seemed to consider the answer, then said, "no."

Alexandria knew my feelings toward her already, there was no point of expressing them once again. I scanned the view around us, its majestic scenery of green hills and vast vegetation enticing me to explore it. Yes, this would absolutely be a nice kingdom to live in."I don't want you to ever leave me," I whispered in an audible tone. I saw her blush then go back to her view of the sky.

I smiled, content at my remark. A shining object near the lake caught my eye in the distance, shining brightly under the powerful sun. Immediately I knew what it was. "I'll be right back," I said, standing up and making my way down to the lake. I stood where I saw the flashing object and knelt down beside it.

My fingers touch the smooth and solid gold of the ring and stroke the diamond encrusted in it. Her engagement ring, I thought, lifting it up carefully for it was a sacred belonging. My lips were pulled into a sly smile, I was talking as if she was my wife already. If she could hear me she would've gone mad. I put the ring in my pocket and sauntered my way back to her. I had no doubt I would be very happy with her if she let me, and the smile that appeared in her face assure me of that.

The End

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